Deslea R. Judd (deslea) wrote in glitterjournal,
Deslea R. Judd

Welcome To GlitterJournal!

This is an ancillary journal I created to streamline my LiveJournal volunteer activities. It's presently technically a community, but that's mostly a workaround so that I can maintain and post to it from my "main" identity. In fact, I am the only one authorised to post to it, so it has the same effect as a personal journal. You can add and remove it from your friends list in the usual manner.

Mostly, I will be putting information here that is of use when replying to support requests - instructions about clearing caches, using cookies, and other useful non-LJ-specific information. However, I may also use it as a place to distribute other odd things now and then - things like styles, icons, tutorials and other goodies that add a little glitter to your use of LiveJournal.

It is important to note that while I am doing this to facilitate my volunteer work within LJ, this journal has no formal standing with LiveJournal. LiveJournal cannot be held responsible or accountable for any technical information found here. I'm doing this as a fellow user, not as someone working on LJ's behalf.

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