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Deleting Cookies: Linux: Galeon 1.2, by xenofalcon

This post has now been superceded by this one.

DISCLAIMER: This document is not an official LiveJournal document! It is a resource document maintained by an fellow user. The original source of information is noted, where applicable. LiveJournal takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

Deleting Cookies: Linux: Galeon 1.2
Contributed by xenofalcon

Reminder: You should not delete cookies without understanding the possible consequences of doing so. The details are available in this post.

  • Menu "Tools" -> "Cookies" -> "View cookies..."
  • On the left hand side is a list of cookies, and the right has information on them when selected. Remove the and the cookies and delete them one by one by selecting them, clicking "Remove Cookie" and so on. There are 8 (4 for each, 3 if you're a free user, I believe) in total. Make sure you don't click "Remove and Block Cookie", for obvious reasons.
  • If you do accidentally block LiveJournal cookies, you can click on the "Cookie Sites" tab and remove from the list of denied cookie sites.
  • Click "Apply and Close" to exit. (If the close button is pressed, or the "Abandon Changes" button is pressed, changes will not be saved and you'll need to do it over again).
  • Close and relaunch your browser.

Last Updated: 23 December 2002
Contributed by: xenofalcon, with thanks.
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